About Achordus

At Achordus, we work with groups, organisations and communities to bring together between 100 and 10,000 people. The result is purposeful conversation about pressing issues, leading to real action and change.

Working with clients ranging from IBM and UK government departments, to academic institutions and tiny voluntary groups, we’ve learnt how to support a really productive online conversation.

Each Achordus engagement is led by our experienced facilitator. She works with a small steering group and moderator team drawn from the organisation or community. The facilitator helps co-create and manage the engagement within Achordus.

The structured methodology underpinning Achordus is designed to draw rich, qualitative contributions from those taking part. Developed into an action framework, those contributions are used to support progress at many levels within the organisation or community.

The online conversation takes place as a threaded discussion in a secure web-based collaboration tool, hosted on our servers.

Participants contribute to the discussion through their internet browsers, independent of time-zone or location.

Achordus blends an effective and simple interface with user-support designed to promote focus and provoke innovation. Our facilitator trains moderators drawn from the client organisation or community. Together, they provide the support and challenge to ensure the conversation gets to the heart of the issues.

Achordus was developed with IBM in 2001, and refined during 25 successful engagements within Big Blue. This year, we've worked with DFID, 38 Degrees, Ashridge and UWC/Talk Together. If you'd like to find more out our client work, have a look at our case studies, or get in touch.

Our web-based collaboration tool was comprehensively upgraded in 2009/2010 to improve its interface, incorporate new features and bring the user experience bang up to date. If you fancy a tour, get in touch.

They said...

"[Achordus] engages and inspires [people] to apply their judgment and insights in a new way. This not only produces great ideas, but helps us shape the kind of inclusive, collaborative working environment and culture we need for an On Demand business."


A singular space to store ideas, maintain discussion threads, check our metrics to see the level of activity, and apply a phased approach. [Achordus] offered a democratizing and non-hierarchical approach to gathering ideas and having a dialogue that allowed all members to contribute at a time and place most convenient to them, exclusive of workplace or geography. - Business Unit Leader, IBM