Our Process

Achordus has been developed from our experience working with a diverse group of public and private companies, government institutions, non-profits, and other organisations large and small.

We know it takes more than an “open door policy” or a “suggestion box” to have a productive conversation with employees, clients or stakeholders. Achordus opens up this conversation, while providing support to ensure it is constructive and useful.

Achordus has four distinct phases, designed to generate a purposeful conversation within an organisation or community. Each phase is carefully customised to fit the client’s specific needs and goals. Even the interface of our web-based online space is tailored to fit the branding and culture of each discussion.

1. Frame

In the first project phase, we pull together a client steering group. This will tend to be made up of a sponsor, our facilitator, a communications resource and people who will have responsibility for taking forward some of the actions that come out of the conversation. This steering group will craft the right approach for the conversation, and work to generate a real buzz about it through formal and informal means.

Then, we prepare the online space and train the in-house moderator team. With support from our facilitator, this team will moderate and coordinate the online discussion.

2. Discuss

Here, Achordus provides exactly the right environment for a large group to carry out a dynamic conversation that leads to actionable results. This heart of the conversation comes in three parts.

  1. Current and past experience: The conversation first focuses on understanding what's going on right now in relation to the specific issues identified by the steering group. Participants are encouraged to share their current experience to help the group understand what’s going on now.

  2. Prioritize: Using a simple voting process, the participants share their priorities. This provides a snapshot of views which complements the rich discussions.

  3. Brainstorm: Here participants share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions about what can be done next. Moderators ensure the discussion is productive and engaging.

    3. Codify

The Achordus facilitator works with the moderator team and steering group to capture the conversation and condense it into themes and actions.

4. Act

The organisation’s leaders and steering group use the findings as evidence to leverage the ideas and insight from the community in the decision-making process, and take action. 

They said...

“If you’ve got a clear question you want answering, and time to listen to people’s answers, it’s a very, very effective way of getting that conversation going and getting those answers. It did that job for us, and it did that job for us really well.”

- David Babbs, Executive Director, 38 Degrees

The Achordus tool and process was a terrific way to tap into the expertise of IBM's global legal community - Sponsor, IBM