Change the conversation.

Are you a consultant working with change? Are you looking for a new way to engage with people?

Involving very many people in a change effort can be tricky, especially if they’re spread across the globe. Achordus provides a space for 100 to 10,000 people to come together, regardless of time-zone or location.

Achordus integrates with and complements many different approaches to working with change. Achordus is particularly powerful in the context of large systemic approaches where diversity of opinion, wide consultation and engagement are valued, such as Appreciative Inquiry and Tangible Culture [LINK to InfoPrint Solutions case study].

At its heart, Achordus allows us to bring many people together to talk about a defined topic. Just like in a face-to-face environment, these conversations can have different purposes and outcomes. They can be open, freewheeling and creative, or contained, structured and purposeful (and everything in between).

Our facilitated process helps to ensure conversations strike the right balance between emergent and structured, and reveal a clear route to action.

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They said...

"This was a great opportunity to contribute to the debate on how best to deliver DFID's objectives. It was pleasing to see such broad participation, from junior staff through to the Permanent Secretary, and it really helped generate a widespread sense of involvement in DFID's decision making processes."

- Participant, DFID

We found ... Achordus be very flexible in its application to a client engagement focussed on enabling a dramatic shift in the organisation's culture - Change Management Consultant, IBM