Do you want to show that Leadership is Listening? Change the conversation.

Achordus helps organisations perform better by facilitating productive conversations between senior executives and their teams.

The world’s most successful business leaders know it takes continuous interaction to motivate people and keep them all moving in the right direction. But how many executives are communicating really effectively with everyone in their organisation?

Employees who feel consulted, engaged and heard are more likely to perform at their best. And businesses perform better when their management and executives communicate well.

Achordus helps teams, communities and whole organisations improve the way they collaborate, communicate and cooperate. Bringing 100 to 10,000 people into a conversation demonstrates Leadership is Listening.

Achordus helps leaders:

  • Align large teams around a specific set of business priorities
  • Listen to ideas from those "on the ground" on how to turn strategy into action
  • Open up conversation (and communicate priorities) about change associated with significant business events
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, engagement, and unity of purpose

Achordus is a valued partner to human resources professionals, communications executives and organisational change/change management consultants. We are experienced in working with leaders at many levels in public, private and third sector organisations - from business unit to Board. 

They said...

"... a really very good way of engaging with many people both within and beyond an organization. It’s a good way of getting an impression of the mood, areas of interest, levels of enthusiasm, directions that people want to go in."

- Kai Peters, Chief Executive, Ashridge Business School

At the top level, the outcome we wanted - and we got - is that we can say 3,000 of our members helped write our election strategy. - David Babbs, Executive Director, 38 Degrees