Ashridge Business School

Ashridge used Achordus to invite a large number of people from diverse pool of staff, alumni, friends and clients to discuss the future direction of the learning and-client facing organisation.

Ashridge’s chief executive, Kai Peters explained: Business development manager Mike Davis explained that Achordus attracted anecdotal wisdoms that are “floating around the organization” and captured them “in black and white”. “Ashridge works in a very evidence based format, and if there is really stuff there to hang on to, then I think it’s a heck of a lot easier to make a change.”

Ashridge supports strategic development, leadership and change in some of the world’s leading business organizations. The organisations’ corporate communications director, Toby Roe, said taking part in the Ashridge dialogue was “very much practising what we preach. It’s very much about including large parts of the organisation.”

Mr Peters said opening up debate on strategy to the entire organisation, from key clients and alumni, to academics and ground staff, demonstrated that most of the participants really cared about the organisation’s activities.

“It’s not quite a personnel satisfaction survey but there’s a certain component of involving your organization in dialogue which is like that. I thought that was encouraging. People cared.”

They said...

"... a really very good way of engaging with many people both within and beyond an organization. It’s a good way of getting an impression of the mood, areas of interest, levels of enthusiasm, directions that people want to go in."

- Kai Peters, Chief Executive, Ashridge Business School