38 Degrees: online political campaigning organisation

“At the top level, the outcome we wanted - and we got - is that we can say 3,000 of our members helped write our election strategy.”

Just 12 weeks ahead of the anticipated date of the UK’s general election, between January 12th – February 15th, 2010, 38 Degrees used Achordus to work with its members on the “complicated, convoluted” task of designing its election strategy.

Chief executive David Babbs explains: “It did that job for us, and it did that job for us really well.” The quality of the discussions between members was “very encouraging”, according 38 Degrees’ campaign director Hannah Lownsbrough: “There were lots of people on there who able to marshal facts about particular issues that they obviously especially cared about. I felt like it gave me another extra level of understanding of some of those issues.”

The learning from Achordus will influence how 38 Degrees interacts with its members in future, Mr Babbs said. “Through the [moderator] training we had from Erica, and the group discussions we had during the process, I think we’re in a much better place to do those conversations in future."

They said...

“If you’ve got a clear question you want answering, and time to listen to people’s answers, it’s a very, very effective way of getting that conversation going and getting those answers. It did that job for us, and it did that job for us really well.”

- David Babbs, Executive Director, 38 Degrees