Achordus Clients


The Department for International Development (DFID) used Achordus to hold an All Staff Conversation to generate innovative ideas to drive significant policy change affecting how the organisation works. This was a joint consulting engagement with organisation development consultancy, Consultancy Works.
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38 Degrees

"At the top level, the outcome we wanted - and we got - is that we can say 3,000 of our members helped write our election strategy." David Babbs, Executive Director.
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Ashridge used Achordus to invite a large number of people from diverse pool of staff, alumni, friends and clients to discuss the future direction of the learning and-client facing organisation.
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Achordus was born within IBM (where it was called ActionNet) and has been run over 25+ times across a number of different business units. Our work within IBM over the past 8 years has helped us fine-tune our a methodology for engaging large numbers of people to collaboarate and produce phenomenal results.
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They said...

"[Achordus] offered a democratizing and non-hierarchical approach to gathering ideas and having a dialogue that allowed all members to contribute at a time and place most convenient to them, exclusive of workplace or geography."

- Sponsor, IBM

Achordus was a "...successful innovation that resulted in good policy ideas to accelerate White Paper implementation and strengthened staff engagement in policy and organisational change"


“If you’ve got a clear question you want answering, and time to listen to people’s answers, it’s a very, very effective way of getting that conversation going and getting those answers. It did that job for us, and it did that job for us really well.”

- David Babbs, Executive Director, 38 Degrees

"[Achordus] engages and inspires [people] to apply their judgment and insights in a new way. This not only produces great ideas, but helps us shape the kind of inclusive, collaborative working environment and culture we need for an On Demand business."