We believe that when people come together to talk about what really matters to them, they achieve extraordinary things.

Achordus enables 100 to 10,000 people to come together and discuss what matters to them. The online tool enables purposeful conversation, and we provide support to ensure a worthwhile and helpful outcome. We've found many other tools used for big discussions generate plenty of talk and no action. Others end up being online popularity contests, with no room for useful interaction.

Achordus is different - it’s proven to enable purposeful conversation resulting in real change.

Our methodology blends the best of stakeholder engagement, change consulting and social technology. By changing the conversation, Achordus creates space for richness, innovative ideas and unexpected solutions.  Whether you’re bringing together 100 or 10,000 people, Achordus opens new perspectives to make real change happen.

The Achordus process is a powerful framework for examination of issues. It enabled our large team to collaborate efficiently and effectively and ultimately produced tangible hard-hitting actions that have significant ROI…. Of all the many actions we undertook [on this issue], Achordus produced the most benefit. - V.P. IBM